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Network standard for Data transceiver
- Apr 14, 2017 -

There are three main types of local area network (LAN) Structure: Ethernet (Ethernet), Token Ring (token rings), token buses (token bus), and fibre distribution Data Interface (FDDI) as the backbone of these three networks. They are followed by the IEEE (American Association of Electronics Engineers) set at the beginning of 802 standards, at present a total of 11 LAN-related criteria, they are:

IEEE 802.1-general network concept and bridge

IEEE 802.2-Logical Link Control

IEEE 802.3-CSMA/CD access method and physical layer requirements

IEEE 802.4-ARCNET bus structure and access methods, the physical layer rules

IEEE 802.5-access method and physical layer requirements of token ring

IEEE 802.6-access method and physical layer requirements for metropolitan Area Network

IEEE 802.7-Broadband LAN

IEEE 802.8-Fibre LAN (FDDI)