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Performance and price of modems
- Apr 14, 2017 -

Although the use of ROCKWELL chips, but some "cats" love to drop the line, and some "cats" rate can not achieve nominal performance. The difference in performance of modem is caused by a variety of reasons, first of all the chips used in the modem, followed by the selection and circuit design. Common modem circuits are used by chip manufacturers recommend the public board design, and in the selection of the difference in the material. Some small factory production of modems used is second-hand components or inferior quality components, the modem long hours after work, resulting in the cause of instability, such as fever. Well-known manufacturers in order to maintain their credibility, generally using high-reliability components, in performance and stability are more than small factories. Because of this, the same is the use of ROCKWELL external modems, the most expensive to 800 yuan, and the cheapest as long as tens of dollars.

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