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Research and design of wireless narrowband modem
- Apr 14, 2017 -

In this paper, the transmission reliability of wireless narrowband communication is researched and the implementation method is proposed.   Data transmission in wireless channel, susceptible to multipath, fading, disturbance, noise and other conditions, the study of wireless channel transmission reliability of various methods, the conventional method is the white noise environment as the main research methods, such as channel coding, modulation and demodulation technology. Wireless Narrowband channel is a burst channel, the common channel coding does not have the ability to rectify unexpected errors. RS code has a strong error correction ability, this paper firstly analyzes the performance of Rs coding and interleaving coding in the burst channel.   At the same time using RS code and interleaving coding, so that the ability to rectify the sudden error of continuous enhancement greatly. QPSK frequency usage is high, demand Snr is low. In this paper, the power spectral density and ber rate of QPSK are analyzed.