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A Simple Introduction To Wireless Data Transceiver
- Apr 14, 2017 -

Wireless Data transceiver is also called digital radio or 485 wireless transmitters, such as the name of the remote wireless data transparent transmission, suitable for replacing RS485 cable transmission, can be in security, telemetry and remote queuing machine, advertising screen, the two computers between the data transmission, instrumentation remote control and other fields of use. Built-in high-integrated half-duplex wireless module, the embedded high-speed MCU, and the latest high-performance RF chip, the communication rate of up to 100kbps, can continuously transmit large file packages.

1. Wireless digital radio stations support conflict detection and retransmission mechanisms to ensure the reliability of wireless transmissions in complex environments.

2. Can be serial, air set parameters, dial-up switch to modify the channel wireless data transceiver.

3. Wireless transmitting power 500mw.