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Research And Design Of Multi-channel Wireless Data Transceiver
- Apr 14, 2017 -

In the wireless sensor network based on environment monitoring, data acquisition is the core of the monitoring system. The wireless sensor network as the foundation of the IoT has gotten more and more widespread application, by analyzing the data collected by the sensor network to achieve the purpose of monitoring, but with the improvement of the real-time requirement, the reliability of data and the real-time transmission face the challenge, the traditional data collecting method can't satisfy the current people's demand. Therefore, the data acquisition starts from the artificial field collection to the network remote acquisition, the transmission channel transforms from the single channel to the multi-channel direction, the network structure also develops from the single network structure to the various heterogeneous networks. It is not difficult to see that the research of data transmission system of multi-channel heterogeneous network is of great significance for real-time monitoring applications. This paper proposes a specific scheme of real-time monitoring data transmission based on wireless sensor network, and realizes the design of multi-channel wireless data transceiver through the close combination of multi-channel and heterogeneous network. The dual transmission channel system consisting of GPRS and Ethernet realizes real-time data forwarding. In the process of engineering implementation, the system structure and working principle of the whole transmission system are researched in detail, the data transmission protocol is analyzed, and the multi-channel transmission mechanism is realized by combining the system model and the Protocol conversion. In the design of hardware and software system, modular design is adopted, and the functions of independent modules are coordinated to accomplish the transmission tasks. In the system software design process, the embedded Linux as the foundation, completes the system kernel customization and the driver development, realizes the kernel transplant successfully. In the multi-channel data transceiver software design based on ARM, the multi channel transmission function is accomplished by applying QT4 and combining the modular design method of software. Finally, the hardware and software of multi-channel wireless transceiver is tested to meet the basic requirements. In the research of the project, the new transmission mode is constructed by using the existing transmission protocol and embedded technology in the model of multi-channel wireless data transceiver. A multi-channel transmission with different protocols is implemented on a hardware platform, which can achieve real-time data acquisition and transmission and network sharing. The high performance ARM processor is applied to the real-time data acquisition system, which realizes the low power consumption and the efficient utilization of resources.