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The Basic Knowledge Of CST610 Wireless Data Transceiver
- Apr 14, 2017 -

CST610 Wireless Data transceiver is based on GSM mobile communication technology, using SMS or GPRS mode for remote data transmission. Low power consumption, stable transmission signal, low BER characteristics. The wireless data transceiver based on SMS (short message) is especially suitable for the corrosion monitoring field of low data volume and high real-time requirement.

The instrument built-in low power MCU, calendar clock, 128k bytes Flash non-lost data memory, even in the server does not boot state, can also store 3 months of data (measured 4 times a day).

CST610 Wireless Communication Module selects Simens TC35i or MC39. Under the Control Center Directive, the MCU in the instrument can realize the polling, collecting, storing and transmitting of up to 32 data monitor through 485 bus, the data is checked and packaged, then sends the wireless module to the monitoring center and automatically saves to the database.

The instrument adopts Advanced Power management module, which can enter low power state during non-measurement and prolong battery time. And can be powered by solar cells, convenient unattended.

Applicable areas

Microcomputer control, all automatic measurement, applicable to the field Cathodic protection output current, protection potential and protection depth monitoring.